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August 18, 2012

When I was in Kindergarten, our class made silhouettes as part of the end-of-year program. It’s crazy, but I can remember standing against the wall next to the bathrooms with the overhead projector glaring at me. I remember thinking the pencil tickled as it traced the shadow around my head, over my nose and down my chin. My mom still has the silhouette, and it’s shocking how much you can tell about me from a black cut-out glued onto a while sheet of construction paper.  That’s still my nose. I still jut my chin out like that when I’m proud.

I’ll be the first to admit that some ultrasound photos resemble a child about as much as Brynna’s latest art project resembles a lion. (Lots of squiggles, a passionate artist, but not many discernible features for the average observer.) But in a rare moment of stillness in the womb, for the last sonogram we have before she was born, Brynna gave us her perfect silhouette. Every now and then, another rare moment of stillness will occur and I’ll catch a glimpse of BG’s profile. And I’m amazed. That’s still her nose. She still holds her lips that way.

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