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Stuff I Don’t Understand: Part 1

August 16, 2012

Games on Facebook

Stopping the flow of traffic. I get that everyone is not Type-A. I get that we don’t all follow all the rules. I even get that you don’t KNOW the rules.  But don’t stop. Why would you stop? Did it never cross your mind that when you stop EVERYONE behind you stops?

Brynna’s logic

Competing “for fun”

Tennis shoes with nice clothes. Really. I’m not being funny. If she took the time to put on the clothes, why did she stop? I’m not getting anywhere near heels. I know how hard it is to chase a short person in pumps. I’m just saying…a nice ballet flat.

Baby talk. Infants can’t speak. They aren’t choosing to sound that way. As soon as they are able, they use ALL the words. Believe me. I know of what I speak. There’s a person right now in my house who hasn’t stop talking since 2009. (Yes, you calculated correctly. She was born in 2009.)

American Girl

The crash that just came from the other room. What on earth is she doing in there?!

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