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The Adventures of Light Girl and Trash Can Princess

January 24, 2013

I gather; David takes out. That’s the agreement. So the other night I’m going about my business and like I hear about 28 times a day, a little voice behind me says, “Mommy, can I help you?” She’s already mastered her chore of unloading the dishwasher. If I can get her to gather the trash, too? AhhhWESOME!

I said sure, and we headed to my bedroom. As we rounded the corner to my bathroom, BG said, “Mama, you turn on the light and hold the bag. I’ll empty the trash.” Suddenly I’ve become the assistant. But I’m an obedient one, so I did it. After my bathroom, we turned to go to the hall bathroom and suddenly, unbeknownst to me, we’d become superheroes. BG took off running, yelling “I’m Trash Can Princess!” She raced into the bathroom and shouted back to me, “Light Girl, I need you!” Light Girl? Oh. Because I turned on the light. Get it? I turned on the light, she emptied the can into my outstretched bag and then she took off running, yelling “Now we will go to the trash cans downstairs! Trash Can Princess is on the way!”

Honestly…I have no idea who she’s narrating for. I’m assuming there are cameras, and I just can’t see them. I’m guessing the show is still filming, which is the only reason I haven’t see it on TV yet.

We continued these adventures until every can in the house was emptied and I had explained at least 4 times that no, we couldn’t dump it back out and start again. When David walked in the front door a few minutes later, he was met with “Daddy! I’m Trashcan Princess!”

A testament to the daily adventure we call life…he didn’t even ask. He just went with it and they flew around the house while I started dinner.

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