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The Hardest Thing

October 28, 2013

You heard it a million times when you were young. Or maybe you were better behaved and didn’t hear it quite as many times as I did. “This hurts me more than it hurts you.” My response as a 10 year old kid was “YEAH RIGHT.” (In my head, of course. I may have gotten in trouble, but I valued my life.) My response as I got older was, “Maybe I get it. I know parents love their kids a lot, so maybe it does make them sad when their little ones cry.” Then I became a mom. And it hurts. Bad.

It’s the hardest thing…
to take away what I know will make her happy.
to see her tears when I love nothing more than the sight of her smile.
to follow through when it means more work for me.
to stop what I’m doing to address what she’s doing wrong.
to administer the consequences when she made the choice.
to be what she needs no matter what I need.
to let her be mad at me today so she will be better tomorrow.
to do the best thing when everything else would be easier.
to do it day after day after day after day…

It’s the hardest thing to do the hard things that matter more than all the other things.

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