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The Power of a Good Dad

November 3, 2010

Our dear friend, Chris, lost his dad this week.  Mr. McGregor fought leukemia for 8 years and although this week the life in his physical body ended, his life in God’s presence has only begun.  While I’m sad for my friends, I can’t stop smiling.  I don’t know if I’ve ever had that reaction when I heard someone died.  But you didn’t know this man.  He was one of those people that never had to say anything and you felt his presence in a room.  He was the man that didn’t talk loudly or often, but when he opened his mouth to speak, you grabbed a pen so you could take notes.  He is securely where he always wanted to be – right next to His Father.  Chris wrote this about his dad…

He was tight with money but was careless and extravangant when it came to my mom.
He was big, strong and tough but tender to babies and those who were lonely or needed help.
He was quiet and content in the shadows but loud and laser-pointed when one of us was out of line.
He was a dedicated and hard worker but never lost the opportunity to cheer his 4 boys at the rink, the race or the pool.
He was busy and maxed out but not too busy to teach Sunday school or assume leadership at church.
His own family was wheels-off and dysfunctional but our family is strong, stable and unified.
I love you, Dad! See you soon…

Chris is an amazing man because he had an amazing dad.  As I read his words, I found myself thinking about Brynna’s dad.  David is a strong leader, successful businessman and wonderful husband.  But I’ve never seen him flourish in a role like being a father.  He takes that job more seriously than any other and wears his title of “Daddy” with pride.  Brynna is 19 months old, but she could write an epithet about her dad similar to Chris’s.  And similar to Chris, I hope BG has many years ahead of watching, learning from and looking up to her dad.  I know she’ll be an amazing woman because she has an amazing dad.

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