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Then What?

September 29, 2012
then what

Please note: These are factual events. Events are portrayed by real people. No actors were used.

then whatBG: Ok, Mommy, tell me about your day.

Me: Well, it started 37 seconds after I opened my eyes and a small thing dressed in zebra footie pajamas came and laid on me.

BG: Ok, and then what?

Me: And then the zebra pajama thing wanted to watch cartoons so I turned those on, made the crazy zebra chocolate milk and read my Bible while she watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

BG: Right. And then what?

Me: Then the crazy zebra decided she was hot and stripped off the pajamas and laid on the couch naked.

BG: And then what?

Me: And then the naked person ran to the front door and opened and closed it several times yelling at the imaginary FedEx man that she was mad he didn’t bring her a package.

BG: Haha. Yeah. And then…?

Me: Then she got in trouble.

BG: Oh. Then what?

Me: I suggested we go on a bike ride and the crazy naked person started running through the house yelling “Oh yeah! Oh yeah!”

BG: And then…?

Me: The crazy girl finally got dressed, and we went on a bike ride. We rode to the library and returned books, we rode to a place and had lunch, and then we rode to the park where the crazy girl played for a long time. Then, on the way home she yelled at everyone we passed on the bike trail that they were different colored fairies.

BG: Then what?

Me: Now I’m tired.

BG: Why?

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