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To Watch You Sleep

January 21, 2014
watch you sleep
watch you sleepAll I can think all day long
is what I would give
to watch you sleep.
I watch you run and climb and jump and skip.
I just want
to watch you sleep.
When you bounce around while other kids nap,
I think how nice it would be
to watch you sleep.
I’d give anything to rest
yet you fight it with a vengeance.
You’ll do anything to not let me
watch you sleep.
You come up with every excuse you can imagine
just so I can’t
watch you sleep.
You need to potty. You need louder music.
You need another cup of water.
You forgot to floss.
Anything so I don’t get
to watch you sleep.
And then finally you’re still for the first time all day.
you close your eyes.
I don’t care that you’re a sweaty mess of tangled hair.
I see a bunched up nightgown and favorite blanket.
I see soft hands and hear soft breathing.
I’m not thinking about how tired I’ve been
chasing you all day.
I’m not concerned with how tired I’ll be tomorrow
chasing you all day.
For now,
I just get
to watch you sleep.
And I wouldn’t trade a moment.
And I can’t believe
God lets me be the one
to watch you sleep.

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