Top Ten Things I’ll Miss the Most: Part 1

November 30, 2010

So many things will change when we move.  As the day gets closer when the moving truck arrives, the reality is hitting hard.  I’m sad and nervous and excited and terrified.  There are so many things – big and small – that will be different in our new home.  They aren’t all bad, but they won’t be the same.  And I would be naive to think that’s not going to hurt for a little while.  As part of my “grieving process,” I’m going to send a little shout out to the things I will miss.  I’m not David Letterman, I don’t wear white socks with dark pants and shoes, and there is no band standing ready to burst into song when I say something funny.  (But how awesome would that be?!?!)  Either way, here we go…

The Top Ten Things I’ll Miss the Most

#10 – Little Acorns Child Development Center
I realized very early on that for this stay-at-home thing to work, Brynna and I were going to need some time apart.  We love each other, but we both have extremely strong personalities and often, those wills spend the day crashing into each other.  So when BG was 6 months old, I began to look at our options.  In the education vs. nurturing debate, I was less concerned that Brynna be able to do long division and more concerned that she be loved.  The search got a little overwhelming, but we eventually found the perfect fit.  In Little Acorns, I found people that would snuggle and cuddle my baby so I could have a few hours to run errands and have adult conversations.  And as she’s grown from baby to toddler, they’ve done so much more than cuddle her.  The staff at Little Acorns knows Brynna at her core.  They know not to freak out when she won’t eat – it’s just her being stubborn.  They know not to force her to nap – she’ll give in eventually when she thinks no one’s watching.  Ms. JuJu watched her learn to walk; Ms. Terri helped her learn to use the potty; Ms. Kelly makes her use her words when she’d rather throw a fit.  These women know my Brynna and they truly love her.  And as a mom, that gives me a joy unspeakable.

I know we’ll find a great new school for Brynna in Virginia.  I know Fairfax county has the best school system in the country.  But for a moment, I’m just sad that in January, when it’s time to get back in the routine of school, BG won’t be at Little Acorns.  Her teacher won’t be Ms. Kelly.  Her classroom won’t be in the same hallway it’s always been up to now.

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