Top Ten Things I’ll Miss the Most: Part 5

December 16, 2010

#6 – My Dream Team
When the topic of moving comes up, there are some things you think of immediately and know you’ll miss.  Of course I’ll miss my friends.  No doubt I’ll miss my church.  Makes sense I’ll miss Mexican food.  (Ok, maybe that one is less apparent to the naked eye…)  As the time draws more near, though, there are other less obvious but still very real holes I’ll have to fill.  They are the things of life you take for granted when you have been in a location for an extended period of time.  It’s the general “knowing”.
I know you don’t drive on I-635 after 4pm or go to Central Market on a Saturday.  I know the price of gas is highest at that little station in Uptown on McKinney.  I know the best gas station tacos are at Fuel City south of downtown.  After living in a place a while, you just Know.  Moving to a new locale means relearning all of those details and idiosyncrasies.  Over the past 8 years in Dallas, I have put together what I affectionately call my Dream Team.  These people and places make my world a little brighter and my step a little lighter.  Finding replacements for them won’t be an easy task.  Virginia better step up and get ready.  I’m coming with some big expectations…
My Dream Team
Lucero.  If I could find a way to steal her away without her family knowing, I might take Lucero with me.  She has made things in my house sparkle that I didn’t know could sparkle.  She has kept me sane on those days with a sick kid and laundry piled up when you can’t quite remember your name.
The Petropolitan is the best pet grooming and daycare EVER.  They are more reasonably priced than others who don’t do as good a job, and they are just all-around fantastic.
Susanna and Ruben don’t just cut the grass.  They trim trees, plant flowers, prune brushes and have made our home inviting.  They are kind, fair and I’ll miss Susanna’s gorgeous smile as much as their landscaping genius.
Unique Tailor was voted Best in Big D for a reason.  They are fabulous and make you look fabulous. And they do it for so little that sometimes I want to give them a little extra just because.
Ivy Cleaners might be irreplaceable.  I hate to say that because I don’t yet know Virginia, but seriously.  They come to my house twice a week, pick up the dry cleaning and bring it all back.  The prices aren’t much more than the guy down the street who doesn’t know my name or to knock during the hours Brynna naps.
Elite A/C saved my sister and mother-in-law from melting on more than one occasion.  When our air-conditioning went out, the owner of the company came to the house on a weekend. 
I will miss them dearly – because they are amazing in their areas of expertise and because I know them and they know me.  I pray God grants me divine appointments as I start the search for a new dream team in a few weeks.
(PS – Yes, I’m serious.  I know you wanted to ask that about halfway through.  I really do like these people so much I just wrote a whole blog about it.  And I’m so serious, I’ll give you their contact info if you live in the Dallas area and want it.  And after you realize how amazing they are, you can call and apologize for thinking me crazy.  You’ll be serious about them, too!)

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