Top Ten Things I’ll Miss the Most: Part 7

December 24, 2010

#4 – pushing the odometer to its limit
When Zoe was sick I drove to Houston as often as time and David would allow.  When my father-in-law turned 60 we drove to celebrate with him.  When Hannah was born 3 months early, I dropped everything and drove 4 hours to meet her and hold Brandy’s hand.  When we bought OU season tickets a few years ago we started a Fall tradition; we meet my parents in Norman a couple times a month for football, Mom’s cooking and s’mores if David has any say.  I’ve never been afraid to put a few thousand miles on a car. 
After next Monday, I will be a plane ride away, not a 4-hour drive.  I will have to pay more than the Southwest $49 deal to get to the people I want see. When David goes on a business trip, I can’t hop in a car and go spend a week with my niece and nephew or goddaughters.  Our half of the season tickets won’t be renewed.
This is new.  It’s scary.  I’m going to have to learn new ways to function.  We all are.  But when I’m really honest, there is an unspoken fear lingering in the back of my mind.  Will we?  Will anyone really save her hard-earned money just to come see me?  How often will I actually be able to visit?  The reality hit me hard this evening.  But just as I was headed down the crazy path, God calmed my restless heart.  I sat on the sofa next to my dad and he talked about the loneliness and discomfort that may follow in the coming months.  My parents encouraged me and then said, “If you feel overwhelmed, you call us and we’ll be there.” 
I believe them.  And that helps me know that I may not add many miles on the odometer, but we’ll all have a lot more frequent flyer miles.

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