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What America Thinks We Do While Kids Are At School

September 18, 2012

What I planned to do while Brynna is at school:
1. Make beds and pick up house
2. Complete my lesson for Bible study tomorrow
3. Respond to emails and Facebook messages
4. Do writing research
5. Eat a quiet lunch while maybe even watching something on television that isn’t animated
6. Write a blog that would inspire millions and make them laugh
7. Plan date night for Friday with David
8. Finalize plans/make reservations for happy hour with friends on Saturday
9. Put away laundry that’s folded but sitting in the hall outside BG’s room
10. Walk Miles
11. Pay bills
12. Clean up my office so I can find my desk

What my dad (and most of America) thinks I do while Brynna is at school:
1. Eat bon-bons
2. Watch reality television
3. Get my nails done
4. Go to lunch with friends
5. Eat more bon-bons

What I’ve actually accomplished while Brynna is at school:
1. Sat silently in a trance petting Miles and enjoying that the house was quiet
2. Cleaned up toys from the backyard that were getting rained on
3. Responded to two messages
4. Completed half of my Bible study
5. Ate lunch that David brought home (yay for uninterrupted adult conversation!)
6. Scrubbed paint off the table where BG did an art project yesterday
7. Wrote this blog (inspiring? maybe not. funny? maybe. honest? completely.)

Maybe Thursday will be more productive. Or maybe not…

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  • Liz September 18, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    I did laughed out loud about the bon bons… and more bon bons.