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February 21, 2014

I’m studying a book called Becoming God’s True Woman by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It can be a controversial book because of it’s stance on femininity, womanhood and submission. But as I read, I’m amazed at how it’s affecting me as a mom even more than a woman. As we discuss our culture’s view of what it means to be a successful woman, my heart breaks for what Brynna may come to think of herself. I never want her to think her worth is tied to what she does or who she knows or how much money she makes. I never want her to feel like she needs to prove herself, be it to men or other women. I never want her to confuse femininity with being sexy or domineering. I never want her to think submission requires you to be passive or weak.

When I started reading, I did what I often do. I grabbed a photo from my desk and used it as a bookmark. I didn’t pay much attention to what the picture was. I just needed to hold my place. But last night I paid attention. With these thoughts racing through my mind, I grabbed the book and this was the face staring back at me:

And it struck me. Brynna will love what I love. She doesn’t know anything about college or football but point to an OU logo and she’ll yell “Boomer Sooner!” She loves OU because I love OU. She wants to cheer for them because I cheer for them. And in that moment, God answered the deeper questions of my heart. She will love what I love. She will view herself as I view myself. She will dress as she sees me dress and speak to others the way she hears me speak. She will value the people and things that I value. She will cheer for what I cheer for. She will love what I love.

And what I love is…
Brynna’s daddy
Brynna Grace Johnston – exactly as God made her
women who stand up for what they believe is right even when it isn’t popular
women who sacrifice for their families whether or not they are recognized
women who value wisdom over fame
women who give it away – time, money, food, care, love, encouragement

Good or bad, right or wrong, she will love what I love.

What do you want your kids to love? What do you need to do a better job of loving so they will too?

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