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Why I Love Being a Mom

May 10, 2015

As I tucked her in this evening, Brynna looked at me and said, “Mom, I’m sorry about Mother’s Day. I told you I’d do everything for you, but I guess you kind of still did everything.” I pulled her close, hugged her tight and told her I loved her. And in that hug, I hope she knows…


       I love being a mom. Hard days will never change that because it’s in those times I learn that love doesn’t give up when things aren’t easy. I learn that when you have to fight for something it means that much more.

I love being a mom because I learn something new every day. I learn to look closer, laugh sooner and walk slower. I learn that you can wish on “the first star I see tonight” 4 times and still believe it will come true.

I love that being strong for her makes me stronger. I love that being honest with her keeps me humble.

I love being a mom because a mom’s love knows no bounds. I thought that was just a saying until i saw that face and knew there was literally nothing I wouldn’t give, do, be or endure.

That’s why, as I hugged her this evening, I assured my little girl that Mother’s Day and every other day I get to be her mom will never depend on how much I have to do. I’ll never count the loads of laundry or keep track of how many times I’m the one to wipe the counters, clean the dishes or put the toys away. She doesn’t have to do anything. I love being a mom because I love being HER mom.

For those who experienced one of those Mother’s Days that hurts, I pray you close your eyes, take a breath and know that God loves you with a love even more limitless than that of a mom.

For those who have the privilege of being a mom, I pray God’s love will meet you where you are, strengthen you when you need it and remind you always that no matter what, there is no gift greater, no blessing richer than being a mom.


Why do you love being a mom?

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