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Why You Should Want To Be Old

September 16, 2012

Old: having lived for a long time; showing signs of age
Wisdom you only get from pain
Experience that teaches you how strong you are
Discernment gleaned from a mistake (or two)
Maturity fashioned by time
Growth realized only by looking back
Some things have to be lived to learn

Old: belonging chiefly to the past; former or previous way of doing things 
Respect for those older than you – simply because they’ve already been where you are
Proper grammar
Some things are lost but would benefit us all to be remembered

Old: long established or known
Friends who know all your stories
Jeans that fit just right
Shoes that don’t go out of style
Some things are only loved more over time

We spend so much time trying to prove we are still young. We spend millions of dollars a year trying to escape getting old. But “old” doesn’t have to be evaded. If you allow time to teach you, “old” can be the jar that holds all your memories, lessons and battle scars. Rather than something we avoid, Old can be the goal.

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