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You’re Not Crazy

April 29, 2013

You’re not crazy

…she really is that loud.
…the puzzle only had 48 pieces a minute ago. It somehow spontaneously multiplied.
…you bought the big box of diapers. You remember right. He just poops that much. (How? I have no idea.)

You’re not crazy

…he said that. At that place. To that person.
…it’s your phone. You pay the bill. It’s your voice on the greeting. Contrary to popular (toddler) opinion, it really does belong to you.

You’re not crazy

…you did wash it; it’s just already dirty again.
…sometimes you have to let a piece of “art” go. It’s ok. You’ve done nothing wrong. The world will survive with one less (completely indiscernible, exactly like the one yesterday) masterpiece.
…you gave them each the same amount. They just NEED something to argue about.

You’re not crazy

…and neither was your mom. That’s why you just caught yourself saying exactly what she told you.
…you gave the instruction. You heard yourself. She said she understood. (Clearly she did not.)
…it’s not deja vu. You’ve read this book 42 times.
…her kids aren’t perfect. And neither is she.

You’re not crazy. Some days it really is that hard.

You’re not crazy.

You’re tired. You’re most likely hungry. You’re in need of adult conversation and possibly a shower.
But you’re not crazy.

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